11 Tips for Choosing Your Living Room Color Paint

Choosing a color paint for your living room can be quite challenging because most people want their quest to have a unique top-notch feeling when they visit them.

Your living room is the most used space in your home, so choose a color that will make you look forward to spending time there.

Here you will find the color that fits your living room and how to decorate with it.

Let’s get started

Color Theory 

Before we dive into the eleven tips we have for you, let’s quickly talk about color theory. Color theory is the science and art of using colors. It also involves how to communicate with colors. 

Before you select colors you have to understand color theory. And the first step towards that is to classify every color you see out there warm colors & cool colors.

Warm colors

Warm colors are red, orange, and yellow. This evoked a feeling of warmth within you and they are full of life and bursting with energy, these colors remind you of the sun or fire.

Cool colors

They are blue, green and violet. These evoke a feeling of coolness within you and it reminds you of water or grass. We can use these in spaces where you require calmness

Neutral colors

This is grey and brown, on their own they are dull but when mixed with a drop of cool or warm colors, it works like a charm.

Now that we have set up the basics for you, let’s quickly dive into the tip you are here for. 


1. Don’t choose the paint color first

Choosing your living room paint color first seems like a good idea, but painted walls make up a lot of the décor space in your living room. It is easier to choose one of the paint colors to go with your décor than to find a décor that will go with your paint color.

2. Find an inspirational piece

Find inspiration from the places you visit frequently. This will certainly, you don’t get tired of your color choice.

3. Develop an idea of the mood of your living room

The atmosphere can strongly affect the mood of your living room.

What role do you want your living room to play in your life if it? 

  • watching TV, playing video games, entertainment, reading, etc.

  • Do you allow sunlight in through your windows? (Very advisable though)
  • Do you want your room to energize or relax you?

4. Choose neutral colors for your living room walls

Neutral colors are more livable because they are found right outside your house. Use beautiful bold pops of colors on your walls if you love the color.

 4 reasons why we recommend neutral walls

  • You can easily change the accent pieces, that is if you change your mind about your color choice only if your wall is neutral. It happens!
  • It makes it easy to swap your living room décor with the season, you can even add seasonal and holiday touches.
  • When you keep your living room wall neutral, the attention is shifted to the furniture and accent pieces, which is what you want
  • They are incredible for families because they hide dirt and scuffs quite well.

5. Match color scheme with furnishings

If you have modern furniture and décor In your living room, you should choose a modern color scheme of either, white, black, or gray rather than a traditional color scheme filled with hues. 

If you have more traditional furniture then use bright modern colors for paint and accents to update the space.

6. Use the 60 – 30-10 rule.

Whichever color you choose, it is helpful to plan the amount of paint for the space. 60% of your living room should be the dominant color, 30% should be the secondary, and 10% should be an accent color. That’s what we call the 60-30-10 rule.

The dominant and secondary colors should be colors you are comfortable with because your dominant color will affect your living room feel and only use bold colors as an accent. Ensure the 3 colors are well coordinated and group your colors in the trial area before committing to painting your living room.

7. Stay with the color you love

Before pleasing your guests, please yourself. Rather than trying to create a dramatic and impressive look in your living room. Create a living room that feels cozy and comfortable to you. If a certain color makes you happy, then go with your guts. The more comfortable you feel in your living room the more you will be showing it off.

8. Relax in your living room with cool tones

Colors like blues, cool violets, and grays are useful in creating a cozy atmosphere capable of soothing your family, and guests. 

If you have more occupants in the evenings, cooling tones will be best for you if you tend to relax in that space. Green is a great choice for a calming effect.

9. For small living rooms use light colors

Light colors open up small spaces and make it feel bigger. If you have a small living room, go for brighter colors like white, cream, and beige. Use white color paint for the walls and add accents in richer colors

10. Understand color wheels

To be able to balance colors, you should have a general idea of the relation of one color in the color wheel. Note colors that are found on the polar opposite end of the wheel, coordinate well with one another.

11. Avoid choosing room paint color at the store 

Don’t choose paint for your living room at the store. Why?  The paint looks different under different light conditions, and there is usually a fluorescent light that changes the way the paint color looks to our eye at the store. It will never look the same when you bring it home. It’s advisable to try different hues on your wall at different lights, then choose the one that suits you best.

Still not sure which color to use?

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