When it comes to wall finishing, wallpaper has been a consistent option for many decades. And it is currently making a major comeback.

Today, there are many types of wallpapers. You can easily add new colors, textures, patterns, and feeling to your interior. Thousands of designs and looks are available now as designers flex various inspirations from nature and other designs.

They are also made from different materials to withstand various environments, so you can fit them almost anywhere in your home.

Let’s explore those options in detail:

Types of Wallpaper for Your Interior Decoration Project

1. The Classic Wallpaper

This is the traditional wallpaper. It consists only of a single sheet of paper, covered with a pattern or a solid color. It is not expensive, but that means it’s more fragile than other kinds of wallpaper. It is, therefore, not suited for damp rooms, and also rooms exposed to light and UV rays.

2. Vinyl Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is very resistant and protective due to its thickness and texture. It is resistant to humidity and UV rays. It is also resistant to shocks (doors, chairs), and can therefore be ideal in all the rooms of the house.

3. Paintable Wallpaper

The paintable wallpaper is also very resistant. It is ideal for giving a second life to your damaged walls, and it is an excellent solution for poorly coated walls. Also, there are several kinds to meet all tastes and desires, including several choices of patterns or color.

4. The Pre-pasted Wallpaper

As its name suggests, there is no need for glue. One side of this paper is glued beforehand with dried glue. Just moisten the side with the glue and you’re done! Like classic wallpaper, pre-pasted wallpaper comes in patterns and all kinds of different colors.

5. Adhesive Wallpaper

It is a very practical and reusable paper. In the same principle as the pre-pasted wallpaper: there is an aesthetic side where you can choose to put a solid color or patterns, and on the other, the adhesive side which replaces the dried glue. It adheres to the walls and can peel off 2 to 3 times, which allows you to change your walls regularly according to your desires.

6. Magnetic Paper

This is an impressive recent innovation. The principle is very simple. There is an adhesive black base that is installed directly on the wall. Then, a second layer is added, which is the magnetic face. You can change paper easily, which removes all kinds of constraints.

7. Washable Wallpaper

It is composed of a layer of non-woven paper and thick vinyl. It makes it very easy to wash with healthy and not too aggressive products. In addition, it is important to wash this paper gently so as not to damage it. Ideal for bathrooms and children’s bedrooms.

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