Ceiling Painting: 7 Reasons You Should Paint Your Ceiling

Ceiling painting is an outside-the-box idea that many haven’t considered. If you haven’t thought of it before, then you should take some minutes to see how a painted ceiling gives a room a unique look in an awesome way. 

Probably it must have strolled through your mind, but you waved it off as a silly idea. By doing so, you have kicked away a design opportunity that you can benefit from in different ways.

In this article, we will show you why ceiling painting isn’t a silly idea by discussing the various ways you can benefit from it.

 Let’s get started!

7 Benefits of Ceiling Painting

1. It makes your room feel bigger

We love to use this advice for people that perceive their room as small. There are lots of tips to make it look bigger, especially for homes with low ceilings. And here’s the cheapest yet most effective tip. A dark-colored ceiling can make a small space feel big. 

Although some think that painting a ceiling with a darker color closes a room in. But in reality, it opens it up by blurring the lines and edges of the room. Painting your ceiling with a dark color creates this optical illusion that the ceiling is of higher height. This trick is perfect for a low-ceiling house.

2. It hides imperfections

Although ceilings are not as exposed to harm as the walls, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be harmed. Effects of extreme temperatures, use of inferior building materials, poor workmanship, water exposure, or cobweb filth can cause these imperfections. And these scars can be what gives your ceiling an ugly sight. 

These imperfections and scars can be covered by painting your ceiling. You don’t have to live with those scars forever. Paint it to hide the flaws.

3. It’s fun for kids

For an effect both you and your kids will love, allow your child to freely choose a color, then you can make a little adjustment with a fun style your child will love. You can treat the ceiling as an accent wall. Painting your ceiling with colorful paint is a way to inject creativity and fun into your kids’ space. Little children always love the opportunity of adding color to their rooms.

4. Opportunity to enhance room design

Just as your walls allow you to design your room, the ceiling as a fifth wall does as well. A lot of people only make use of the opportunity their wall gives to them, but fail to recognize what the ceiling offers. You might have done everything possible to give your room a stunning look, but something is still missing. Have you tried the ceiling? 

When you leave the ceiling blank, it doesn’t enhance the room. Changing the color of your ceiling from the typical white will go a long way in enhancing your room design. Use the ceiling design as the cherry on top.

5. The cozy and warm feeling

Using darker paint on your ceiling gives it a cozy and warm feeling. Dark colors absorb heat faster. With a dark-painted ceiling, you won’t need much work from your HVAC system to keep your home warm. 

Colors like deep blue, dark grays, and chocolate black can provide you with a cozy and intimate room keeping it warm and comfortable. Also, if you want your living room to have the feel of a home theater, then you should also consider this. Dark ceilings will draw more attention to the TV when the lights are off.

6. Add consistency to asymmetrical rooms

Some rooms have inconsistent ceiling angles and asymmetrical walls. This architectural problem seems obvious to visitors and gives an uneasy feeling whenever you notice it. Using the typical white ceiling and a different wall color brings out the inconsistency angle to the spotlight. 

The escape route is to paint the wall and ceiling the same color. This masks this inconsistency as you completely shift people’s attention from the asymmetric walls to the unusual beauty of your house.

7. Keep things interesting

Neutral colors are comfortable and mature. If you are not sure of a color to use and you want to play safe, then opt for a neutral color. It’s just simple and doesn’t create much attention. But when you over-use by filling up your home with neutral-colored furniture and wall paint, it just becomes a cliché and gets tasteless. You can liven up your room by introducing a bold color to the ceiling.

Ceiling Paint Considerations

When considering the paint to buy for your ceiling, the first consideration to make is color. Before you opt for dark colors, make sure your house has enough access to natural light, or you make provision to artificially light up your house to avoid experiencing a cave-like home because of poor lighting.

Next, you consider the type of ceiling. Some ceiling types will require you to buy more paints than others. Some will require buying additional painting materials. Make sure you just don’t go to a store and buy any paint within your reach. They are ceiling paints. And ceiling paints are more viscous than regular paint. To be sure not to make a mistake, get a pro involved.

Can I Paint My Ceiling Myself?

Ceiling painting requires you to stand on a sturdy chair or a ladder for a long time. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you might need a longer ladder. Staying on long ladders in the same position over a long time won’t just be a threat to safety, but also a health threat to you. 

Records have it that falls from height is the most common cause of fatal injury in the UK, accounting for 26% of all such injuries. The main cause of all falls from height injuries are people falling from ladders. About 20% of self-reported injuries involve slips, trips, or falls. Leave the job to a professional.

We at Color house painters, don’t just have the right tools required to do the job, but the skill as well. And we do it at an affordable price. When painting your ceiling, we make sure to protect floors, furniture, and carpets wherever they may need protection. We are also careful not to use paint that is harmful to your health. We communicate our love for painting through our painting. Contact us today.