Closet Painting: Tips for Choosing the Right Color

A lot of people give attention to the large and neglect the little. In the end, it’s not a finished work. My mama always taught me that cleaning my nails is as important as washing my face. No part of my body is to be neglected. Painting your walls neatly and neglecting your closet will still produce the feeling of “oh, there’s something still missing”. 

Closet painting is a task you should do right to bring out the beauty of your home. And just as there were useful tips you considered before choosing the color of your wall, there are still tips you should consider when choosing for your closet.

In this article, I will dive into some of these tips. To avoid repainting your closest all over in the next few months, keep reading.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Color for Your Closet

Homeowners usually put two major factors into consideration before walking up to a store to buy paint for their closets. Let’s discuss those factors here.

1. Visibility

There are closets in your home you won’t mind if kept visible to visitors, and they are some that you obviously want to keep hidden. Colors can do you the favor of exposing or concealing. Let’s show you how.

Keeping it visible

Subtly displaying the content of a closet, you are proud of is okay. Maybe key awards won by members of the family, pictures taken with important people, or showing off the different wine types you have in your closet. The color you use in painting the exterior and the interior of such a closet will determine if you are doing a nice job. But here’s an important tip to help.

Use bright colors

Although some interior designers will advise you to paint all closets with the same color as the surrounding wall. But this is what we have for you. Using bright colors helps keep your closet visible. You can use a lighter version of the surrounding color to add a little variety and draw a bit of attention.

If you want a more dramatic feel, you can use a light natural color that compliments the surrounding wall.

Keeping it hidden

Some cabinets are large enough that they stand out and expose all contents inside. They give the “hey, look here” attention. These cabinets are where you keep unimportant stuff. To remove attention from such closets, you need this tip.

Use dark colors

By painting these closets with darker colors, you can conceal the cabinets and retain your privacy. To avoid going off-color from the surrounding color, you can use a darker version of the surrounding color.

2. Use

What do you intend to use the closet for? That will also help you know the most suitable color for the closet. On the other hand, some colors will completely counter the use of the closet. We will shed light on this within the next lines.

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A. Wardrobe closet

A wardrobe closet is where you store your clothes. A wardrobe closet needs to be painted with bright colors to enable you to properly see the color of your clothing. Also, you can easily identify a dirty cloth from a neat one under a bright background. We strongly advise using a white color painting for your wardrobe closet to enable you to see your cloth under white light and not colored light.

B. Open closet

Open closets are closets without doors. Open closets, since they are without doors, need to be completely integrated into the room so as not to draw attention to the content inside. To do this, you need to paint the closet with a color, the same as the surrounding room, or just a shade lighter.

C. Junk closet

These are closets where you stash junk or off-season sporting goods like your cleaning equipment, sporting equipment, etc. Most of the stuff in these closets is ugly stuff that won’t need the attention of your guests. This kind of closet, just as we discussed earlier, will need a dark color shade to keep its content hidden and attention drawn away from it.

D. Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is a closet that’s sufficiently big to allow one to walk into them to browse through the contents. Having a walk-in closet can make your room look smaller and make the closet stand out. You can hide that effect by painting the closet with the same color as the surrounding wall.

Other Factors

We have discussed the two primary factors you should consider as a homeowner before deciding on the color of your closet. But that’s not all. There are still some more factors that are noteworthy. We will list a few more for you.

Let’s dig some more!

1. Make it feel bigger

Not only do light colors make a closet noticeable, but it also makes tiny closets look larger. Although it doesn’t increase the size in any way, it creates an illusion of a wide and light space. If your closet is annoyingly tiny, you can use this to feel better about it.

2. Distinct space

Closets are usually closed off with doors. If you want to provide your cabinet with a distinct space of its own, then you can decide to use bold colors to show that. Also, you might have been moderate with the painting of your entire home, and you’ve been looking for an opportunity to fly your best colors. Your closet area is the best place to get bold with colors. It will help mark a demarcation of cabinet space.

3. Playing safe

Some homeowners consider being playful with colors as a risk and might decide to play safe by using a neutral color— a color that never gets outdated. Painting your closet with neutral colors can help you escape the danger of repainting your cabinet because the old color is no more in vogue or because you want to change the use of a particular closet. So, you can just decide to play safe by using a neutral color.

Seek Professional Advice

Do you have further questions to ask? Or do you have an unusual scenario concerning your closet that requires special attention? Then you should consult an interior house painting expert.

We in Color house painters, having experience for years, know just what is the best for your cabinet. You can talk to us about what you want, while we tell you what will be the best. In the end, you’ll have a well-painted closet as the finished work of our service. We are affordable, and we have courteous staff. Reach out to us.