What’s the Best Type of Wallpaper to Choose for Your Interior Decor?

When you think about renovation and redecorating, exterior home painting has always been and will continue to be one of the most vital ways to spruce up the look of your house in your neighborhood. If the exterior of your home needs to be painted, but you’re not sure how to go about it, this guide on exterior home painting is for you! It’ll help you get started on the right track and make your house as beautiful as ever!

Why You Should Get An Exterior Home Painting This Year

It’s no secret that when it comes to home renovations, exterior painting is one of the most popular projects homeowners undertake. And there are good reasons for this! Repainting your home’s exterior comes with some benefits, even if you’re (or were) not aware of them. Some of them are:

It Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There’s a house you’ve always admired from afar, isn’t there? A home whose look just oozes respectability and inspires awe? That is curb appeal. If that house was without paint or finish, you can’t deny your admiration and attraction would be far less than it is.

And that look that inspires such appreciation? It isn’t patented. Your home can look just as beautiful and fabulous, and the paint finish does 95% of the work involved.

It Creates a Sight You Can be Proud of

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it’s not only strangers that behold your house. One thing the human brain can’t ignore is beauty, and the result of painting your home’s exterior is a home you will be proud to point out to someone and say “That’s my house. That’s where I live.” Who knows, people might begin considering it a landmark (“On your left, just past that white and gold building. You can’t miss it.”).

It Reduces The Chances Of Mold or Water Damage Occurring

Except for metal and plastic (and even those are only a matter of time), the different materials used to construct buildings are porous to some degree and prone to damage from mold and moisture. By reducing the amount of moisture that succeeds in getting into places it shouldn’t, there is a proportionally smaller likelihood of mold and mildew forming on your walls’ surface (and rust eating the integrity out of all things metal; heavens forbid the walls are included). Painting your walls? That’s a good way to take care of that problem for up to 5 or 7 years at a time.

Modern exterior paints (no, you can’t just use anything that stains objects, but more on that later) are designed with weather-resistant properties to provide that extra protection for your walls from rain, snow, heat, humidity, etc. This is particularly important if you live in a place that experiences extremes of the climate as a matter of course.

Tips for Exterior Home Painting

Before you begin flexing your DIY muscles, here are a few take-it-from-us pointers to make things easier.

  1. Don’t Do It. Call The Professionals Instead.

This should be the first piece of advice you get, no matter where you go. If it isn’t, the advisor doesn’t love you as we do.

You mean well, no doubt, but unless you’re an artist, a painter, or a genius artisan, even this extensive guide will be hard-pressed to enable you to reproduce the perfection in that house you admire on the way to the grocery store. That beauty you desire and deserve is the result of the thousands of hours put in by people who do it for a living.

And while we’re on the topic, there’s no better group or company of professionals to reproduce that perfection (we’re probably the ones who put it there in the first place) than Color House Painters. If you want to make other people as jealous of your home as you are (or were) of another, we’re a sure bet.

If you are confident in your skills, let’s move on.

  1. Choose The Right Paint For The Job

If you read between the lines, you’ll realize the paint you should use for the exterior of your home is special. There are essentially two kinds of paint you can use:

  • Water-based paint
  • Oil-based paint

Of course, there are subtypes under them, but what you’ll use depends on factors like the wall material, climate, and your preferences, aesthetically speaking. The owner of the paint store should be able to help you pick a suitable kind.

You have to think of the color too, and that’s a vital factor. With the right theme and sufficient skill, you can make up for anything short of a lack of walls to paint on.

  1. Watch The Weather

Make sure you schedule your painting activities on dry days, have stayed dry for at least a day prior, and will stay so for another two. Basically, the surface you want to paint has to be dry and stay so until the paint you put on it is done with its thing.

  1. A Good Brush Helps

Use a large brush for big surfaces to cover more wall, and use a small one for detail work. Try to use a roller with long nap (fuzzy) hair because they work better than short nap rollers. There are also angled-roll paint brushes that can help edge around things like window sills.

  1. Some Prep Is Involved

If you’re painting your home’s exterior, you’ll need to do a lot of prep work before you start painting. This includes removing dust, all the trim, and covering any locations you don’t want paint on, especially in your detail work.

When you’re ready to paint, it’s best to start from the top down. This helps reduce dripping from the higher parts of your house and ensures that everything is covered evenly by the time you reach ground level.

  1. Some General Advice
  • When applying paint, start from the top down. However, always push from bottom to top. You can exert more pressure in that direction.
  • Give the first coat of paint at least 24 hours before you apply another.
  • Paint in the shade or when it’s not too hot out (less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 32 degrees Celsius).
  • If you aren’t tall enough to get to some areas, use a ladder.

And you’re ready to begin work on your home. If you follow this guide and have the skills required, you can make your home a source of envy in your neighborhood. If you’re thinking of greater things, get the best to come and do it. Namely, Color House Painters. Our work will make sunshine and daisies go green with envy.