Proven Ways Wallpaper Decor Can Enhance Your Child’s Creativity

Many of us parents find wallpaper decor for their children’s bedrooms daunting.

Raising kids in this 21st century goes beyond imbibing good morals in your kids. It’s our responsibility as parents to provide our children with their needs. And not just physical needs alone, we provide them with their emotional and mental needs as well.

Here’s an interesting story for you: 

In 1968, Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman were hired by NASA to develop an assessment that could gauge the creative potential of the organization’s scientists and engineers. Their objective was to create a test that could measure divergent thinking. This refers to the ability to generate multiple solutions when faced with a specific problem. Unlike traditional tests, this assessment did not have right or wrong answers. Instead, it required its participants to generate as many ideas as possible.

Well, the test was a success. But it left Dr. George Land and Jarman thinking. They began to wonder what contributes to individual differences in creativity. They sought to understand why certain individuals displayed higher levels of creativity than others. And the origins of creativity itself.

To satisfy their curiosity, they decided to administer the same test to a group of 1,600 children aged 4 to 5 years old. The results they obtained were astonishing. Guess what? 98% of the children fell into the genius category for imagination. Intrigued by these findings, Land and Jarman continued their study. 

After five years, when the children were ten years old, they re-administered the test. Surprisingly, the figures dropped. Only 30% of the children were now qualified as creative geniuses at this stage. The decline continued. As when the same children reached the age of fifteen, only 12% of them still fell into the creative genius category.

Moral lessons: Children are born creative. And this creativity drops as they grow. We have a responsibility as parents. Which is to ensure that the creativity of our kids doesn’t dwindle much. 

To ensure your toddler stays a creative genius, use art to its full potential. According to the International Child Art Foundation, a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, be original, discover, innovate, and create intellectual property. 

Since this art can be seen in wallpaper decor, let’s show you how to use the right wallpaper decor to enhance your child’s creativity.

1. Choose inspiring themes

As a parent, you should be able to know by now those things that pique the interest of your toddler. Things like their favorite cartoons, stories, toys, or songs. Do you notice if they have started having any hobbies? Do they love dancing, singing, or kicking their baby foot balls yet? These things are what should give you an idea of what type of theme to use in their room. Using a theme of their interest as children will engage their imaginations and creativity. 

2. Use wallpaper of vibrant colors

Psychological studies suggest that color can influence mood and behavior, stimulate the brain and body, and even affect children’s health. 

Also, exposure to certain colors can improve sleep habits, increase memory power, and enhance academic performance. Color psychologists have linked color to brain development, decreased absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and the transition from childhood to adulthood. Color affects children’s development in various ways. 

This is where the right use of wallpaper decor comes in. As parents, we can use wallpaper decor to stimulate an inspiring environment for our children. Wallpapers are game changers that convert the boring-looking natural-colored walls of your child to something more vibrant, playful, or alive.

3. Encourage Artistic Expression

Wallpaper decor can also inspire your child’s artistic expression. Have you ever wondered why these cute looking babies always want to write or draw on the wall? It’s them just trying to capture their creativity on a sheet or a bigger plain. Use some child-like art as their wallpaper to help them get those funny-looking baby arts more coordinated. And watch them want to express their artistic skill by writing or drawing out what their baby’s mind creates. 

4. Keep the wall space interactive

Just as it’s done in pre-nursery schools, using interactive space is an excellent strategy to enhance your child’s creativity. Choose wall spaces with surfaces like chalkboard surfaces, magnetic materials, or writable surfaces. With this, you don’t have to stop them from writing on their walls. They now have the full freedom to show how creative they are by freely drawing or writing on their walls. All you just have to do as a supportive parent is to provide them with writing materials like chalk, markers, or magnets and watch your kids create their own artistic work. 

 5. Incorporate educational elements 

Let’s use a stone to hit two birds now. Creating artistic elements to help them enhance their creativity is a good idea. You can make it even better by incorporating some pre-nursery level of educational elements. Look for wallpapers with numbers, letters, or world maps. With this, you are helping your child’s IQ and his artistic creativity. 

But don’t let this be overkill. Be careful to choose only simple wallpaper decor. Children usually experience sensory overload on a daily basis (tv, games, outdoor ads, etc). This overload limits them from exploring. So when it comes to their room, remember the KISS approach. Keep it simple but not boring. 

In Conclusion 

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens said, “art has the role in the education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else”. 

The right wallpaper decor can subtly enhance your child’s creativity. Keep your baby in the creative genius category with the right wallpaper decor. 

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