What’s the Best Type of Wallpaper to Choose for Your Interior Decor?

Wallpapers give your interior decor wings. It’s the decorative accessory you just can’t ignore, protecting your wall against various adverse effects while beautifying the space.

There are different types of wallpapers and it becomes difficult to make the right choice. How do you find the right wallpaper for your unique needs?

Here’s a simple guide for you:

silver pendant lamp with a wallpaper covered wall

Get the traditional wallpaper for a classic decor

Traditional wallpaper is one of the most widely used wall tapestries. It is entirely made of paper which ranks it among the ecological products. The patterns are printed directly on the support, thus offering a classic design. The thickness of traditional wallpaper depends mainly on its manufacturer. Note that the thicker the paper, the better the quality.

The resistance of traditional wallpaper, therefore, comes mainly from its thickness. Avoid placing this type of paper on damp surfaces or in rooms that are not exposed to the sun. It reacts badly to humidity and peels off the wall very quickly.

With a spotless effect, it can beautify the walls of the room in which you apply it. The unique patterns that this type of paper gives a remarkable result, close to reality.

Go for expanded wallpaper for relief effects

Expanded wallpaper is the version of vinyl wallpaper, but with more volume. This “volume” effect comes from the PVC which sticks to the paper. For those who want to bring a more authentic touch to their interior decoration, it is necessary to invest in expanded wallpaper.

Interior designers are more and more attracted by this kind of product. Indeed, expanded wallpaper is highly visible in modern homes. Easy to install and maintain, it does not require any specific skill during installation.

Vinyl wallpaper gives you practicality

Vinyl wallpaper is very famous for its very practical attributes. Based on paper and a layer of PVC, it offers a lot of resistance. At the same time, it is a material that offers a high rate of impermeability.

With this layer of PVC on the surface, it is easy to maintain the vinyl wallpaper. It also has an airtight appearance, thus making it possible to decorate wet rooms such as bathrooms. In the kitchen or rooms with high traffic, it is desirable to line them with this model of wallpaper.

The advantage of this type of wallpaper is that it is washable. So even with frequent rubbing, the cleanliness of the walls can be restored as soon as possible. It is not only used to coat a wall but also used to hide flaws on the walls. When applying it, just put some glue on the paper before covering the desired surfaces. An accessible product for all budgets, it is suitable for all applications.

Why invest in non-woven wallpaper?

If you want to cover the large irregularities on your walls, you have to opt for non-woven wallpaper. Extremely easy to handle, it sticks directly to the wall you wish to decorate. You don’t even have to be a decorator to be able to apply this wallpaper.

Since the back of the paper is already coated with glue, it is only necessary to apply adhesive product to the wall to be decorated. Non-woven wallpaper generally contains polyester fibers as well as cellulose. It is covered with a vinyl layer allowing it to be more waterproof. It does not tear easily due to its beautiful structure.

brown wooden framed white padded armchair beside brown wooden table wallpaper

However, this type of product requires painting after installation. Its color is neutral in nature for sale, which is not very aesthetic for decoration. Its price is a little more expensive compared to other wallpaper models, but it provides a durable coating for your walls.

Now that you know how to beautify your walls with wallpaper, now you can browse trendy designs to bring life to your room. You can step it up a notch and go for panoramic wallpapers. People are going crazy for it this year.

But what if you need help to achieve the exact look you want? You may need to hire a professional.

Who Should You Hire to Help With Wallpaper Installation?

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